Kurayami Matsuri in Fuchuu, Tokyo

The Darkness Festival is Japan's Hidden Gem



No, this isn't a movie set nor is it some form of cosplay. This is the Kurayami Matsuri, or Darkness festival and it happens once a year in Fuchuu, Tokyo. Claimed to be one of the oldest festivals in the Kanto region, there isn't anything quite like it in all of Japan. It happens every April 30th to May 6th at Okunitama Shrine and as the name implies, it happens at night. The week's festivities include the floats of men, women, and children in traditional Japanese costumes, dancing and singing up and down the street. 

The first two nights include the floats and horse racing while the last night is reserved for the giant taiko drums and traditional mikoshi floats. One of the key differences to this matsuri as opposed to others is that the floats are carried all night long. The sheer amount of ruckus makes for a scene never to be forgotten. 


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